Help Us Help Your Kids

Our mission is to help Whitney become world's best college preparatory school, where students really like to be. This is not an easy task, especially now that education budgets are modest at best, and few people have spare money to spend on any non-essential needs. However Whitney is one place where great things continue to happen, thanks to our great teachers, talented students, caring parents and supportive community. Whitney continues giving highest level of educational experience public schools can provide. Look at our state test scores. Check out our new Multimedia Center. Or talk to our teachers, students and parents.

Parent-Teacher-Student Association leverages passion of its member to make the difference and contribute to Whitney High in many ways. Consider becoming a part of this supportive group:

To improve Whitney High funding, consider directing corporate donations. Here are a few convenient programs in our area:

Ralph's Community Support Program: Sign up for Ralphs Community Support program so Ralphs donates 1-4% of your grocery purchases to Whitney High PTSA - see details in Ralph's flyer here.

Amazon Smile: Designate Whitney High PTSA as your supported organization at Amazon, and Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of your purchases to Whitney High PTSA.

Shoparoo: Sign up with, scan your receipts via smartphone and have Shoparoo pay Whitney High PTSA - see details here.

Target Red Card: Get Target Red Card, enjoy 5% extra discount at Target stores along with free shipments from, and have Target pay 1% of your purchases to Whitney High. As of October 2014, 65 people`s purchases earned Whitney over $8,000. Importantly, this doesn't have to be a credit card - if you'd prefer not to have another credit card, Target Red Card is available as a debit card linked to your checking account. See details here.

Matching Grants: Many businesses, like Boeing, would match your personal donation. This would effectively double (or sometimes triple) your donation. Check with your employer and consider donating with this corporate leverage.