Recent Meetings

Here, we have recorded for you most important meetings of the last year:

On Monday 2/23/2015, we facilitated Partnering for Student Success workshop with Mrs. Shea, Mrs. Leonardo and Mr. Spratt discussing resources available to Whitney families. If you missed the workshop, this video that we recorded may be very helpful:

On Monday 12/8/2014, we hosted Partnering for Student Success workshop with Eric Gutierrez and Sasha Leonardo sharing the "big picture" view towards college admissions, starting with Middle School and through post-undergrad. If you missed that workshop or would like to recap some details, watch the video we recorded:

On Thursday 11/20/2014, we partnered with Colleges&Career center to host Naviance training. Naviance is a key tool helping Whitney families take the most out of the stellar college preparation track of Whitney. See the video recording of the training below, or on our Facebook page). As the training was completely booked out, we will be hosting another session. In interim, the video may help catch up with using the tool.